Here we have a detailed description of each of our class styles. It’s important to note that we embrace our teachers individuality and no two teachers will teach the same style the same. For a look at our recommended classes based on whether you are new to practice or are looking to work on something specific, head over to Find Your Flow.


Everybody is different.
We all breathe and move at different paces.

Vinyasa Flow gives you the space and the freedom to go as fast as you need to, or as slow as you need to. This style of flow is a true moving meditation, helping you to get out of your head and into your body. No two classes or two teachers are the same making this one of our most dynamic and varied class styles.

Physically this practice offers the building of strength, flexibility and mobility. The physical benefits can also help to prevent and recover from injury. With any practice, the benefits are two-fold: mentally the focus required from this style challenges you to turn the gaze inwards, releasing the mind from every day worry and creating the space to simply be.


The focus of this class is on bridging a deep connection between breath and movement, building strength and awareness through held postures and paying particular attention to alignment. The slower pace of this class will allow those new to yoga to really get to grips with the fundamentals of asana as well as providing a space for more experienced yogis to deepen their practice.

A strong element of this practice is pranayama (breath work) and guided meditation which both begins and ends the class. This class is all about connecting internally, slowing down the monkey chatter that so often distracts us and finding that place within where yoga truly happens.


This is a Yin-style practice which offers practitioners of any level a way of incorporating a little self-care into their day. Each practice focuses on long connective tissue stretches and meditative breathing for greater mobility and self-acceptance. As well as working on flexibility this class focuses on the practice of slowing down both physically and mentally. It is a chance to create a deep muscular release and to find a deep connection to the breath. It helps to open and hold space for deep healing; not just physically, but mentally.

People find that many negative thinking patterns, ideas and even traumas melt away when you allow yourself to be really present and feel your way through the practice.  

Slow Flow

This class is a place where you can find your breath, learn how to move your body in new ways, and experience self-awareness and self-understanding. As well as movement it focuses on the mental practice of letting go and drawing attention to the breath. It’s a great beginners class, as your instructor will demonstrate and teach the fundamentals of yoga. From the outset you will be guided through intention setting, meditation and finding the calm quiet space in which to move freely. Physically the movement is yin-inspired with elements of restorative and hatha. Working on deep-tissue release this class will help to build flexibility and restore range of motion.

The practice focuses on releasing tension where we hold it most: the neck, the shoulders, back body, hamstrings and hips. Each class is centred in a grounded flow, attention is paid to meditative movement and breath as well as ending in an indulgent Savasana using props to support you. 

Power Yoga (Find Your Fierce)

A soulful yet fierce fusion of yoga. This energetic nonstop flow is a challenging, yet surprisingly zen-filled experience. The high intensity of this class not only gets the heart rate going but is fantastic for strength building, working the core and increasing your range of movement. You will leave this class fully energised, feeling powerful and ready for anything.  

Ashtanga Flow

This is a strong/challenging vinyasa flow class which draws on elements of Ashtanga. It helps to motivate and energise the mind and body throughout practice. As with all our classes this practice includes modifications for beginners. Prepare to be energised, invigorated, strengthened and stretched! 


Adding a fitness class element to our timetable, CORE HITT will Shape your body and burn fat with strength training. An intense 45 minutes, this session uses interval training blended with strength building exercises, working the whole bodyUsing equipment such as free weights or simply using your body weight as resistance, you can improve your overall health while increasing muscle and bone strength.



Pilates is a matbased session for strength and mobility, concentrating on corebased exercises and movement. This class teaches techniques for better physical performance, better posture and aids correction of muscle imbalances & weaknesses. These sessions will compliment and improve your yoga practice and are also a great way to counteract aches and pains.

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