Workshops & Retreats

Throughout the year we organise and deliver yoga and wellness retreats and workshops in various locations. We also offer a number of workshops at our studio, these range from a few hours to whole days depending on the style of workshop being delivered. Our workshops are hosted by both our own and guest instructors.
Please see below for details of our 2020 retreats & workshops:

Inner Balance & Outer Strength
5th December 2020
10:00 – 14:00

Cultivate Balance – Increase Strength – Mind Healing
This workshop will focus on creating harmony and balance not only within our practice but in our lifestyle and how we move according to our own nature and the world around us.

Opening with Meditation, breath-work and pranayama as a tool to improve your mental and physical health. We will be intertwining the more modern and scientific approach of breath-work with the techniques of ancient yoga practices from India to establish a deeper connection with yourself.

The second aspect of the class will focus on how to connect the breath with movement, learning how to make our physical practice more efficient as we bring intention to our practice. Focusing on steadiness, resolve and correct energy placement, this workshop will be an exploration of expanding your practice into a meditative journey. Learning about the locks located in our bodies known as ‘bandhas’ and how to efficiently circulate this energy seamlessly throughout the body. The understanding of the transitions will slowly develop into a progressive build up of our arm balance and inversion yogasana.

Catered for all levels, this workshop will aim to widen your perspective both in technique and on a holistic scale of the philosophy.

Price: £55